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1U Rackmounts
  1U/1.5U Advanced Level
  1U SATA/ SAS Backplane
  1U/1.3U Entry-Level
1U/2U Riser Cards
1U LCD Monitor /KVM
1U_2U_CPU fans
2U Rackmounts
3U Rackmounts
4U Rackmounts
5U Rackmounts
6U/7U/8U Rackmounts
Advanced Server Cases
Disk Array Chassis
CD/DVD/Blue-Ray Duplicator Barebones
JBOD Subsystems-XJ
KRI new 4-Post racks, 15U to 40U
KVM & Switch
PC cases
Mini ITX / Qbox/ Barebones
Rackmount, server, riser, power Specials
Power Supply Accessories
Power Supply-1U/2U/3U/4U
Rackmount Accessories
Int/Ext RAID/3Ware/ARECA card/box
External SCSI/USB/1394/eSATA/RJ45
Zippy/Emacs PS
Clearance Sales
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Please note that for the Riser card in 1U to function properly, the slot that is exactly 7.2"(B-position slot) away from the keyboard side has to be "correct" slot type or you will have to purchase a riser card with Ribbon cable.

1U requires Low-profile CPU cooling fan less than 1 inch in height.

Be Careful! MB with "vertical" Aduio ports may be too tall to fit in some 1U cases but our RMC-1G-0, RMC-1GP4, RMC-1A, 1B, 1D, 1K, 1P, 1M, 1L, 1H, 1T, and 1Q have an I/O shield for such MB. Those models can take MB with vertical Audio ports, see I/O shield pictures below for reference! It's safer to use mainboard with horizontal Audio or with no Aduio on board. You may have to unsolder the vertical Audio ports on the MB if you insist on using that kind of MB in the some 1U cases.

  • 1U Entry-Level is for Micro ATX mainboard or M/B 12" x 10" or smaller

  • Please click the Sub-Category on the left column

  • 1U Advance-Level is for mainboard that is 12" x 13" or smaller

  • Please click the Sub-Category on the left column

  • 1U IDE / SCSI Backplane is for Hot Swap purpose
  • ---You must use IDE,SATA or SCSI Raid controller
    Please click the Sub-Category on the left column

1U Rackmounts

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