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Why Linux NAS & iSCSI?

  • #1: Performance
    With the same hardware, Linux based NAS provides far better performance (2 ~ 3 times) for NFS clients and AFP clients than Windows based NAS

  • #2: Compatibility
    Besides performance, Windows based NAS is still having issues providing NFS services to NFS clients, and AFP services to AFP clients.
    So in an environment of more Linux/Unix clients, or a mixed of Linux/Unix, MAC, and Windows clients environment, Linux NAS is the only choice.
  • #3: Values
    Our Linux based NAS comes wih easy to use FolderReplication for free.
    Our Linux based NAS also comes with iSCSI target for free
    Our optional purchased “NAS-to-NAS Mirroring & Failover” function is extremely affordable, on the other hand, to achieve the same funtion, Windows NAS will need to charge thousands of dollars
  • #4: Availability
    Most of the virus attacks are Windows oriented. Linux NAS has better resistent to that.
    With Windows NAS, if not turn on the “auto update”, the IT might be afraid that some important and critical updates are needed from Microsoft. If turn on the “auto update”, almost every week, the Windows NAS needs to be restarted so that the updates can take effect.
    With Linux NAS, you don’t have this issue.
  • #5: Customers’ Perference
    Some customers simply just perfer a non-Windows based NAS.

Linux NAS

1U, NAS/iSCSI, Areca RAID, Pentium-D 3GHz, 1GB Memory, and 4 x SATA II 250GB HDD's included1U, NAS/iSCSI, Areca RAID, Pentium-D 3GHz, 1GB Memory, and 4 x SATA II 250GB HDD's included
Code:iNAS 104D-HR
Price: $2,378.00
Quantity in Basket: none

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