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2U, SAS Host-to-SATA/SATA II Disk RAID, Plug & Play ( NO HDD included)

2U, SAS Host-to-SATA/SATA II Disk RAID, Plug & Play ( NO HDD included)Quantity in Basket:none
Code: FT-1202-SSA

Shipping Weight: 49.00 pounds
Rear View: with 2 IN (SFF8088 connectors)
  • Supports SATA II Disk up to 3.0Gb/s & NCQ
  • Supports Optional Battery Backup
  • RAID-6 / ADG, protected up to 2 disks failure at the same period of time.
  • > 2TB for Single Volume Support
  • ON-Line Volume Expansion (grow into same volume)
  • Up to 16MB ˇ§Read-Aheadˇ¨ for Video Applications
  • Allow Capacity Truncation for HDDs.
  • Out-of-band Remote email notification for events

ADG (RAID-6) offers the highest degree of data protection by dual active parity blocks (Pi & Qi) distributed on 2 different disks for each stripe while still supports HotSpare disks.
Data is safe and Operation is uninterrupted for up to Any Two Disks failure at the same period of time. RAID-5 has no such feature, and RAID-10 will survive only if 2 failing disks are not in the same pair.

FT-1202-SSA is intended to be an alternative choice of the SCSI model.

Advantages over SCSI Model
  • Better cabling resulting better signal integrity and longer cable allowed
  • Native support Greater than 2TB per volume even for Linux/BSD/Unix/MAC, besides Windows. SCSI model is having problem doing that for non-Windows OS.
  • Allow capacity expansion by using the OPTIONAL 1-to-4 Octopus SAS cable to aggregate multiple RAID boxes. On the other hand, daisy-chaining multiple SCSI boxes will be come extremely unstable.
  • Allow performance aggregation by using the 1-to-4 Octopus SAS cable to aggregate multiple RAID boxes and Stripe them in the OS.

Typical Applications Benefit the Most:
Archiving applications and DVR applications. Because these type of applications requires a lots of capacity at a very affordable price point, but do not need super fast performance.

It is only an entry level (value) RAID utilizing SAS interface for connectivity. Its performance is between 210MB/sec ~ 240MB/sec sustained. The way to gain more performance out of it is to use the Octopus cable with multiple boxes, and then OS stripe them.

  • Selectable to truncate disk capacity by 1GB, by 10GB, or Disable when creating RAID array. If by 1GB, then 250.7GB and 250.1GB will be treated as 250GB only; if by 10GB, 252.0GB and 259.0GB will be treated as 250GB only.
  • The rule for disk replacement in RAID array is: the new inserted disk should have equal or larger capacity than the original disk to be replaced.
  • Without this feature, if the RAID array was created based on 250.7GB, and later on, a disk fails and replaced by a 250.1GB disk, the RAID array will refuse to rebuild due to the new disk is smaller in size.

  • Form Factor: 2U, 19ˇ¨ Rackmount Chassis
  • RAID Engine: Intel 80321 Processor (64 bit/400MHz)
  • RAID Levels & Functions: 0, 1, 3, 5, 6(ADG) & 0+1, JBOD, plus Hot-Spare, Hot-Swap, and Auto-Rebuild
  • Multiple RAIDs / Volumes / LUNs Support: Yes, Up to 16 Array groups
  • RAID Foreground & Background Initialization: Yes, both are supported and selectable
  • Cache Memory::
    256GB ECC DDR Standard, Upgradeable to 1GB ECC DDR
    Optional Battery Backup up to 72 hours
  • Host Channels: 2 x mini-SAS 8088 Connectors
    Supports Sever Clustering
  • External Cable Options:
    Standard equipped with 8088-to-8088 external SAS cable
    Optional 8470-to-8088 external SAS cable Or
    optional Octopus 1 x 8088 -to- 4 x 8088 external SAS cable or Or
    optional Octopus 1 x 8470 -to- 4 x 8088 external SAS cable
  • SCSI Tagged Command Queuing: Up to 255 commands
  • Number of Drive Bays: 12 Disks
  • Disk Type & Interface: Serial-ATA II & I, Supporting NCQ & 3.0Gb/sec
  • Large Size Disk & RPM Support: Yes, 200GB, 250GB, 300GB, 400GB, 500GB, 750GB, and 1TB
    Support All Brand Names; Support 7200RPM, and 10K RPM
  • Bad Sector & Disk Error Handling : Utilize S.M.A.R.T. ˇV Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology, which is implemented on all the SATA disks from all disk manufacturers.
  • > 2TB for Single LUN Support : Yes, Option for 64Bit LBA or 4K block.
  • On-Line Migration & Volume Expansion: Yes, support on-line RAID Level Migration and Volume Expansion
  • System LED Indicators & Environment Detection: RAID Busy, Power supply, Fan, Temperature & FAN, Temperature, Voltage
  • Individual Disk LED Indicators: Power On & Access & Error LED Indication
  • E-mail Events Alert: Yes, (Support all the OS base)
  • Remote TCP/IP Configuration and Management: Yes , built-in RJ-45 Ethernet Port,
    Use any Web Browser for GUI Setup and Management
    Support SNMP traps & SNMP 2.0 MIBs with get and set commands
  • Power Supply : 400W, 1+1 Redundant Hot-Swap Power Supply, PFC, AC 90 ~ 260V
    2 Layer Power Conversions: :
    AC-to-DC & DC-to-DC
  • Cooling System : 2 x Blower Fans, Individual Temperature Sensor for each Disk
  • Operating Temperature : 5 to 55 Celsius degrees
  • Dimensions : 3.46"(H) x 19.13"(W) x 23.23"(D)
  • Weight : 48.4LB / 22 Kg (Without H.D.D.)

◄ Environment monitoring
◄ Online expansion
◄ Continuous rebuild
◄ Online consistency check
◄ Failed drive auto-rebuild
◄ Failed drive indicators
◄ Password protection
◄ Automatic Bad-Sector & Error recovery
◄ Multiple RAID selection
◄ Array roaming
◄ Online RAID level migration
◄ Online RAID Strip Size Migration
◄ Array Management Support
◄ Audible alarm, Pager and Fax, E-mail Notification
◄ Monitor /GUI Port Support
◄ Dual ROM-Map for Controller Availability
◄ Battery Backup Module (optional)

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