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SAS-to-SATA/SATA II Disk RAID, Plug & Play (NO HDD included)

SAS-to-SATA/SATA II Disk RAID, Plug & Play (NO HDD included)Quantity in Basket:none
Code: FT-1603-SSA

Shipping Weight: 55.00 pounds
Rear View: with 2 IN (SFF8088 connectors)

FT-1603-SSA is intended to be an alternative choice to the SCSI-to-SATA RAID system.
It is to address the challenges of :
Stable Bus Connectivity,
Good Enough Performance, and
Large and Scalable capacity

Features & Benefits:
  • OS Independent & Transparent
  • Support Two Servers/Applications Failover Clustering by providing dual SAS ports to hosts
  • Support RAID-on-RAID feature by utilizing the LSI SAS MegaRAID controller to provide extra Redundancy/Protection or Extra Performance. Or use the regular LSI SAS HBA, but then use OS to stripe across multiple RAID volumes to gain extra performance.
  • Single-Piece & Cableless Backplane Design
  • Unique OPTIONAL 1-to-4 Octopus SAS cable allows a single 8088 SAS connector to connect up to 4 RAID units.

SAS Connectivity Advantages over SCSI:
  • Better Cabling resulting better signal integrity and longer cable allowed
  • Native support Greater than 2TB per volume even for Linux/BSD/Unix/MAC, besides Windows. On the other hand, SCSI model is having problem doing that for non-Windows OS.
  • Allow capacity expansion by using the 1-to-4 Octopus SAS cable to aggregate multiple RAID boxes. On the other hand, daisy-chaining multiple SCSI boxes will be come extremely unstable.
  • Allow performance aggregation by using the 1-to-4 Octopus SAS cable to aggregate multiple RAID boxes and Stripe them in the OS

Typical Applications:
Archiving applications and Security DVR applications. Because these type of applications requires a very stable data stream flow, a lots of capacity at a very affordable price point, but do not need super fast performance.

  • FORM FACTOR: 3U Rackmount x 16 Disks
  • RAID ENGINE: Intel IOP 80321 XOR processor, 400MHz
  • CACHE MEMORY: 256MB, Up to 1GB DDR/ECC Memory; Optional 72 Hours Battery Backup
  • RAID LEVELS :RAID-0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, JBOD; HotSpare, HotSwap, Auto-Rebuild
    Multiple RAID Selection & Array Roaming
    Online RAID Level/Stripe size Migration & Capacity Expansion & Volume Set Growth
    Volume Instant availability and background initialization
    Greater than 2TB per Volume Supported
    Disk Scrubbing / Array Verify scheduling for automatic repair of all raid sets
    Login record in the event log with IP address and service
    Support MAID - spin down drives when not in use to extend service life
    Support NTP protocol to synchronize RAID controller clock over the on-board Ethernet port
  • HOST INTERFACE: Two 4x mini SAS Connectors ( 2 x SFF8088 )
    Support Two Servers/Applications Failover Clustering
  • DISKS : 16 x HotSwap 3.5" SATA II HDDs
  • BACKPLANE: Cableless Backplane
  • LCD & INDICATOR: LCD Display with Input Buttons for setup, and error message display System Status indication through LCD, LED and Alarm Buzzer; SES2 Ready
  • RAID MANAGEMENT: Configure and Monitor by HyperTerminal via RS232, and/or Web Browser via LAN/RJ45 Embedded SMTP manager monitors all system events, and user can select to setup email alert notification to single or multiple recipients
  • POWER SUPPLY: 2 x 400W 1+1 HotSwap, optional 3rd & 4th Power Modules
  • DIMENSION & WEIGHT: 5.30" H x 17.50" W x 21.20" D; 55LB without HDD
  • SCALABILITY : By 1-to-4 Octopus SAS Cable, (optional purchase )
OS: OS Independent & Transparent
Host Bus Adapter:

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