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31.5" with Doors(800mm)
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Additional Options

All Cabinets with 4 Doors come with the following accessories: To choose 31.5" depth(distance from front door to the rear door) or 35.5" depth, go back to left side and click on the "one" you like!

Be Careful! 31.5" and 35.5" are the distance between the front door and rear door! The distance between the front of the front post to the rear door is 28.25" for 31.5" cabinets(32.25" for 35.5" cabinets)!
So your case shall not be over 26" deep for 31.5 cabinets and shall not be over 30" deep for 35.5" cabinets!

  • Die-cast heavy duty aluminum post frame

  • Plexiglas front door with lock

  • Heavy duty sheet metal side and rear doors with lock

  • Top and bottom panels with cable access hole

  • Full size mounting strips front and rear

  • Picture below shows two different "TAPPED MOUNTING RAILS", the default one( M6 screws on the post only) in all cabinets is the one on the right in the pciture, the one(Square holes on the post only) on the left is optional, please call for the upgrade price

  • The default posts have ROUND holes ONLY

  • 3 of 12cm AC fans(115CFM each) on top ( up to 8 total fans for 31.5"; up to 12 total fans for 35.5")

  • 4 heavy duty wheels

  • 4 leveling feet

  • 50 pcs M6 bolt screws with washer, (for Square-hole post, 50 x M6 screws + 50 x M6 Nuts will be given!)

  • Grounding wires

  • Fully assembled

  • Clear Front glassy door

  • Solid Rear door with venting holes on the bottom( about 25% of the whole door area)

  • All doors have spring latch, easy to remove without tool

  • Some 31.5" available in Black or White but 35.5" only in Black

  • Cabinets with 5 and 6 doors will get 100 pcs and 150 pcs M6 screws respectively

  • Maximum length of sliding rail's brackets(mounted on inner side of posts): Self-tapping type = 23.75"~24"/27.75"~28"(31.5" vs. 35.5" cabinet) Square type = 25 5/8" vs. 29 5/8"(31.5" vs. 35.5" cabinet)

Cabinet's 4 Vertical Rail(Post) Type:
Default Rail(post)
Square-Hole Rail Type(Optional!)

35.5" with Doors(900mm)

11U Cabinet, 23.5x35.5x30"(h), black only, 155 lbs11U Cabinet, 23.5x35.5x30"(h), black only, 155 lbs
Price: $855.00
Quantity in Basket: none

15U Cabinet, 23.5x35.5x36"(h), black only, 185 lbs15U Cabinet, 23.5x35.5x36"(h), black only, 185 lbs
Price: $899.00
Quantity in Basket: none

24U Cabinet, 23.5x35.5x52"(h), black only, 225 lbs24U Cabinet, 23.5x35.5x52"(h), black only, 225 lbs
Price: $999.00
Quantity in Basket: none

38U Cabinet, 23.5x35.5x76"(h), black only, 285 lbs38U Cabinet, 23.5x35.5x76"(h), black only, 285 lbs
Price: $1,155.00
Quantity in Basket: none

42U Cabinet, 23.5x35.5x84"(h), black only, 320 lbs42U Cabinet, 23.5x35.5x84"(h), black only, 320 lbs
Price: $1,250.00
Quantity in Basket: none

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