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2U , 14.96" deep, 1x5.25"+ 4x3.5"+3x2.5" HDD Bays (SHORTEST 2U taking R2W or G1W2)

2U , 14.96" deep, 1x5.25"+ 4x3.5"+3x2.5" HDD Bays (SHORTEST 2U taking R2W or G1W2)Quantity in Basket:none
Code: CK252S

Shipping Weight: 25.00 pounds

CK252S     2U   14.96" deep Rackmount Case:
Front View
Front  View  showing display
Rear View showing redundant PS(R2W or G1W2 optional)
Back View showing Flex ATX PS(PS optional)
  • If using Mini-ITX MB(6.7" x 6.7") or Micro ATX MB(9.6" x 9.6")
    Two 5.25" open and four 3.5" HDD and three 2.5" HDD (when 1U Flex ATX PS installed)
    Two 5.25" open and two 3.5" HDD bays(when Redundant PS installed)
  • If using ATX MB(12 x 9.6")
    One 5.25" Open and two 3.5" HDD and 2 x 2.5" HDD bays ( when Flex PS installed)
    One 5.25" Open and one 3.5" HDD bays(when redundant PS installed)
  • HDD bay with anti-vibration function supported
  • Intelligent EnergySaving device's default is all fans automatically activated if system temperature up to 38 degree-C
    Default temp can be changed!
  • Intelligent EnergySaving device's default is 38 degree-C but individual fan can be adjusted between 30~60 degree-C
  • Intelligent EnergySaving device supported with four fan fail's indication and warming (stop warning by any button)
  • Intelligent EnergySaving device supported with Celsius or Fahrenheit Degree (convertible by C/F button)
  • Build in high grade butterfly keylock security front door with removable filter (90-degree open/close, trayless HDD compatible)
  • Equipped two USB 2.0 port
  • Build in high grade aluminum rack mounting handles, all sheet metal by SECC 1.2mm~2.0mm thickness
  • Equipped with two 60mm x 25mm intake fans with air filter in front
  • Support 12"x9.6" ATX or 9.6"x9.6" MicroATX or 6.7"x6.7" Mini-ITX MB compatible
  • Support 1U Flex ATX PS or 2U Zippy R2W-6500P / G1W2-5760 500W~820W Redundant PS
  • Support 6-slot low profile or 3-slot full high cards by riser card
  • Support max. 200mm deep cards if the front section is not installed with any 5.25" devices
  • Support max. 180mm deep cards if installed with 170mm deep 5.25" device at front
  • Standard paint: black in front(other sides --no paint)
  • main construction sheet metal by 1.2mm~2.0mm
  • Chassis dimension: 19" x 3.5" x 380mm (14.96" deep)
  • Green Energy saving server patent pending areas: China, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Japan, USA, UK, EU, Russia

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